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“Sortex” Company was founded in 2000. It manufactures high-quality textile products for home.

Production modernization aimed at re-equipping of our enterprise with modern high-duty equipment, improving sewing technology, developing our own style and obligatory quality control allow “Sortex” products become recognizable, popular and loved, deservedly justifying confidence of our customers.

The range of manufactured products is presented in the following items: blankets, pillows, mattress covers, toppers, throw blankets, bedclothes, etc.

You can purchase “Sortex” products in major hypermarkets throughout Russia – Auchan, Okay, Sedmoi Kontinent, Vetvyana.

Our company knows the needs of both network and wholesale customers, as well as independently conducts its own marketing researches, thus, we have an obvious advantage over our competitors:

Experience of cooperation with network customers for over 14 years;

99.9% service level of order fulfillment during our whole history;

Modern product design developed in collaboration with an international agency;

Production facilities leading us to the top-list of manufacturers of pillows and blankets in Russia;

Two-factor quality control of manufactured products (reclamation level due to defects is less than 0.01%);

Possibility of individual fabrication of production run.

Occupying only 10% of shelves, we provide up to 50% of sales of home textile departments!


Total production area is 10 000 m2


Warehouse occupies 6 000 m2

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