About us:

History of Sortex

“Sortex” Company was founded in 2000. It manufactures high-quality textile products for home.

Production modernization aimed at re-equipping of our enterprise with modern high-duty equipment, improving sewing technology, developing our own style and obligatory quality control allow “Sortex” products become recognizable, popular and loved, deservedly justifying confidence of our customers.

The range of manufactured products is presented in the following items: blankets, pillows, mattress covers, toppers, throw blankets, bedclothes, etc.

All these products are divided into collections: Natura, Professonal and Beauty.

You can purchase “Sortex” products in major hypermarkets throughout Russia – Auchan, Okay, Sedmoi Kontinent, Vetvyana.


Production secret

Standard technology

Standard production of blankets provides a separate blank cloth cover for him and a separate production of filler in a roll. The roll of filler together with the cloth is refilled in a multi-needle machine, where the «sandwich» is quilted together. Then quilted fabric is cut into pieces of the desired size and stitched at the edges of the oblique bake.

Advantages of this technology:

• the filler inside the blanket is distributed evenly

• the blanket serves for a long time, the filler does not fall off

Disadvantages of this technology:

• the blanket is more hard compared to blankets manufactured by other technologies.

• blanket less lush

Classical technology

Classical technology involves the stitch of blankets in a single-needle machine, so the layer (or thermally bonded layer) of the desired size is prepared in advance under the cover . The cover is already sewn on three sides. Then the case is inserted into the reservoir and extending . Next, the product is filled in a single-needle machine and quilted.

Advantages of this technology:

• these blankets are considered the most magnificent

• blankets have a relief lush rim

• it is possible to manufacture stitches of any complexity

Disadvantages of this technology:

• uneven filler

• high costs in the manufacture of blankets, which affects the final price of the product

Direct Feeding Technology

Direct feeding technology is a unique technology acquired only by units of production in Russia . The fiber goes through a full cycle of preprocessing, combing, carding and subsequent splitting into dozens of thin layers of fiber, which are automatically decomposed into each other, and then the resulting fabric is immediately stitched together with the fabric.

Advantages of this technology:

• no adhesive component is used, which means that the filler contains more natural fibers

• the blanket turns out very lush and better retains its shape

• high performance

• direct feeding technology