Style Comfort

Quilts «Comfort»


Filling: fiber Elastic fiber by Sortex.
Fabric: cotton blend author’s design.
Additionally: does not cause allergies. Easy to clean. Magnificent product. Multigrade
Size: 140×205 | 172×205 | 200×220
Article: 157-162 | 157-172 | 157-182

Pillows «Comfort»

уютная подушка

Filling: fiber «balls» Fiberball by Sortex
Fabric: cotton blend author’s design
Additional: Easy to care for. Long retains the form. Does not cause allergies. Optimal elasticity
Size: 50×70 | 70×70
Article: 157-523 | 157-513


Numerous studies and customer surveys have inspired us to create products that will suit any person, as the pillows from this line have optimal padding, and the blanket is lush and light. The refined floral pattern of the fabric gives the products a special charm and creates a cozy atmosphere of the bedroom.

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