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Quilts «Favourite»


Filling: fiber Elastic fiber by Sortex.
Fabric: snow-white Chief Value Cotton
Additionally: does not cause allergies. Unique stitch. Magnificent product. Multigrade
Size: 140×205 | 172×205 | 200×220
Article: 225-762 | 225-772 | 225-782

Pillows «Favourite»

Любимые (2)

Filling: fiberball by Sortex balls
Fabric: snow-white Chief Value Cotton
Optional: easy to care for. Unique stitch. Removable zippered pouch. Optimal elasticity
Size: 50×70 | 70×70
Article: 225-522 | 225-512


Products of “Favourite” Collection are produced according to all modern quality standards: pillows with optimal degree of resilience, evenly filled and durable blankets. These products have been included into Beauty Collection due to their unique stitches in form of hearts developed specially for this product line. Blankets and pillows with hearts will become a favourite decoration of your bedroom!

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