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Quilts «Eucalyptus»


Filler: Fiber is a Eucalyptus fiber by Sortex.
Fabric: cotton blend author’s design.
Additional: All-Season. Practical product. Optimum microclimate. Uniform filler.
Size: 140×205 | 172×205 | 200×220
Article: 297-762 | 297-772 | 297-782

Pillows «Eucalyptus»

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Filler: fiber «balls».
Fabric: cotton blend author’s design. Quilted cover: eucalyptus Fiber By Sortex.
Additional: Optimal elasticity. Optimum microclimate. Practical product. Removable zippered pouch.
Size: 50×70 | 70×70
Article: 387-522 | 387-512


Products are made without the use of glue-containing components, and only from fibers that undergo carding on the automatic line, the filler lies in soft, fluffy layers and is immediately fixed in the cover with stitches. Thanks visiblity fibers in the composition of the filler, this pillow easily restores its shape. This packing is considered optimal and is suitable for customers who prefer to sleep on their backs.

By purchasing these products, the buyer at an affordable price gets all the necessary properties of natural bamboo fiber: hygroscopicity, hypoallergenic, has antibacterial properties, as well as incredibly pleasant to the touch product, thanks to the special fabric cover. Pillows favorably differ in their structure due to the double cover. External zippered cover is made of cotton blend and quilted with bamboo fiber. The inner cover is made to hold the filler. Due to this, the pillow does not roll, for a long time retains its original properties and appearance. To refresh this pillow, remove the top pillowcase with a zipper and wash it. Easy and simple!

Gentle washing at 30 degrees for synthetic fillers, for wool-is prohibited. Drying in vertical position without direct sunlight. Dry cleaning is allowed. Prohibited: Ironing, bleaching, drum drying.

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