Style Merino

Quilts «Merino»


Filling: Merino wool fiber by Sortex Sheep wool.
Fabric: cotton blend author’s design.
Additional: Therapeutic effect. High air permeability. Uniform filler. Warm
Size: 140×205 | 172×205 | 200×220
Article: 142-162 | 142-172 | 142-182

Pillows «Merino»

мерино (2)

Filling: fiber «balls» Fiberball by Sortex.
Quilted cover filler: Merino wool fiber by Sortex sheep wool.
Fabric: cotton blend author’s design.
Additional: Therapeutic effect. Long retains the form. Removable zippered pouch. Natural filler. Optimal elasticity.
Size: 50×70 | 70×70
Article: 327-522 | 327-512


Blankets and pillows series «Merino» are suitable for everyday use. In the production of blankets of this collection uses a unique technology of direct fiber feed direct feeding, which provides additional splendor products. It is also the best offer for older people, as well as for all thermophilic and often freezing . Wool fibers hollow inside, form a layer containing a variety of air pockets that evenly retain and distribute heat, and the temperature control effect-maintains the natural body temperature.

Products are made , the application cleistogamic components, and exclusively from fibres which are combed on the automated line, the filler falls soft, fluffy layers and immediately secured in the case using the stitches. The filler will not be collected in lumps, evenly distributed inside the cover, so the product will serve the buyer for a very long time. By purchasing these products, the buyer at an affordable price gets all the necessary advantages of natural sheep wool.

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