Quilts «Hotel»

Одеяло Отель

Fabric: cotton blended snow-white
Filling: fiber Elastic fiber by Sortex
Sizes: 140×205 | 172×205 | 200×220
Article: 185-162 | 158-172 | 158-182

Pillows «Hotel»

Fabric: cotton blended snow-white
Filling: fiber «balls» Fiberball by Sortex
Sizes: 50×70 | 70×70
Article: 158-523 | 158-513


Before creation of “Hotel” Collection products, we have thoroughly studied what qualities blankets and pillows should possess in order to ensure comfort during sleeping. We have designed hypoallergenic, soft and at the same time resilient pillows with a long lifetime, as well as well-padded cozy blankets quilted by German equipment, the filler of which is smooth and will not get tangled even after dozens of cleanings. All products are made of special high-tech fabrics with optical bleaching, which consists of cotton and polyester, thus, it is easy to clean them and maintain their original whiteness.

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